LG- G5 Turns Out To Be A Tough Competition

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LG G5 will be one of the best phones available in the market in 2016. The official launch will be in April 2016. The smartphone is a huge change for the South Korean firm. G5 also has a microsd slot and can remove the battery which happens to be a big deal as the Samsung s6 which was released in 2015 did not support any of these and the people found that as a major drawback. It has a dual camera setup with one lens to provide extra wide pictures.


  • 3-inch display size wth IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen.
  • Snapdragon 820 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32Gb Internal storage with micro sd slot
  • 2800mah battery
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • USB port 3.0 type C
  • 16MP rear camera and 8MP front with additional 8MP wide angle camera
  • LG UX 5 with android 6.0.1 marshmallow
  • Corning gorilla glass 4
  • 554 PPI pixel density
  • Micro sd slot supportsup to 200GB



G5 has got a metal body with a removable battery and a modular system which consist of a rear fingerprint sensor. The design feels odd as in the pictures the phone looks sleek and curvy but when you get a chance to pick it up, it feels hollow.

The curved sides, compact size, and the rounded corners make it easier to hold and will have a precision feel. It consists of a single volume button and Sim tray on either side.


With 5.3-inch quad HD display,  G5 provides the best quality screen where you can watch videos without hurting your eyes. They are not perfect but they have adopted new technical aspects to improve the features of the phone. G5 has not switched to 4K display but still the quality you get from the quad HD display isn’t a bad thing. Unless it is been used for VR , the quad HD display is the highest resolution a phone must have. The screen is also protected by the corning gorilla glass 4.


 The final performance of the phone cannot be said right now as I am using only a pre-production unit. The android 6.0.1 software gives the bet performance as the hardware consist of 4GB RAM and a snapdragon 820 processor which is one of the best till date. G5 also has an internal storage of 32GB which allows many apps to be installed. The most important thing to note is that G5 does not have any kind of lag while using it.

This review was based upon a pre- production unit. A more detailed review will be updated soon when the phone is released.

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