SONY RX100 IV Vs CANON Powershot Mark II G7 X

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Ever since the release of sonyRX100 in 2012, sony was ruling the point and shoot cameras. But in 2014  Canon has entered into the competition circle where it is competing with the sony RX100 IV. Based on the observation , here I will list some of the key differences between the two.

  • Apart from all the differences which are going to be listed, the only similarity is that both these cameras contain a 20.1 Mega Pixel 1-inch CMOS sensor which is larger than your average point and shoot and absolutely larger than any top end smartphone. So these two cameras punch well above their weight above all others with superb clarity and low light performance.


  • The Canon Powershot G7 X has the zoomier lens- G7’s lens takes the edge when canon comes to sheer range. Its effort is 24-100mm and can be equated to 4.2x optical zoom which trumps sony’s 24-70mm effort and 2.9x optical zoom.


  • SONY is slinkier- Weight is an essential factor even though both cameras punch above their weight and to take in account these cameras are used for point and shoot and so they should be designed in a way they can easily slip into a modest-sized pocket. Even though its close , sony wins the count. As the dimensions of RX100 are 101.6 x 58.1 x 41.0 mm which is less than the Canon’s Powershot measuring up to 105.5 x 60.9 x 42.2 mm. The Sony is anyway 21grams lesser than that of Canon’s G7x Powershot.


  • Sony has an electronic viewfinder(EVF)- The Fact that Rx100 becomes better than the G7 is the presence of an electronic viewfinder where the G7 lacks the presence of the feature. This makes the sony users to have a better shot composition than just relying on its LCD screen.


  • The screen tech differs in both- Both Rx100 and canon’s PowerShot has a 3-inch display and can flip it 180 degrees but the sony’s screen is much sharper(1,228,800 dots) than the Canon’s G7x (1,040,000). But the canon’s screen is more touch sensitive which is important in a point and shoot camera.


  • Sony is capable of recording 4K videos while canon supports only 1080p. Rx100 can also captureslow motion videos at 1000fps where the canon is bound to produce videos at 250fps.


  • Though Sony is an allrounder, the price is extremely high which costs about $948 whereas Canon costs just 700$.

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